How does renewal work; will you charge me automatically?

Automatic payments
First and foremost: we never charge your Credit Card or Paypal account automatically. We do not store customer’s payment information, therefore we are technically unable to auto-charge you. All payments to Bandwagonhost are user-initiated, without exception.

Renewal status explanation
Unless you cancel the renewal, our system will automatically send a new invoice on the renewal date. If you have funds in the account, they will be used automatically to pay the invoice.

If your account does not have enough credit balance to cover the invoice, we will notify you and you will have 7 days to pay the due invoice. After 7 days of non-payment the service will be suspended.

To verify whether or not renewal is active please use this link:

If Renewal is set to ON, it means that a new invoice for the next period will be issued on renewal date.

If Renewal is set to OFF, it means that the VPS will be terminated (cancelled) automatically on renewal date and no invoices/warnings will be sent out.

How to restore service renewal
If you had previously cancelled the renewal and would like us to reactivate it, please follow these steps:
1. In most cases Renewal can be enabled by the customer by following this link: (click Restore link)
2. If Restore link is not available please create a ticket

Can I renew service ahead of time?
We are unable to offer renewals ahead of time. If you plan to leave for a long period of time and would like services to be renewed without having to make manual payments, you can simply add funds to your account. The funds will be used automatically to pay any future invoices. If you’d like to add funds to your account please click here.

Can I change my billing term (renewal cycle)?
Of course, please check out the following article:

How on earth can you make profit with such pricing?

This is possible due to the very efficient server management workflows we’ve been developing since 2003. For example, our entire infrastructure relies on backend software developed in house, which allows us to utilize server resources in a much more efficient way and perform automatic self-healing of most issues that would normally require human intervention.

However, please note that here at Bandwagonhost we do not provide much support for anything not related to the uptime of our infrastructure. In other words, if you need help configuring things in your VPS, then we would highly recommend looking for a different provider as we provide literally zero guidance in tasks like this.

Our focus is razor-sharp on running an excellent, enterprise grade infrastructure. While we do not provide support for anything running inside of a client’s VPS, we pass our savings on to end clients.

Is there uptime guarantee?

So far we’ve been successful at maintaining at least 99.9% uptime across our servers, and we have the intention to keep it that way. We do not offer formal uptime guarantee though.

How do I cancel a service?

You can cancel anytime, we do not have any specific cancellation procedure. You can either cancel your service from your control panel, or simply stop paying your invoices and the service will auto-cancel. No, we will not send this to collections 🙂